About Presscraft Components Ltd

At Presscraft Components Ltd, we strive to recreate the ‘Best of British Automotive Manufacturing’ based on the cornerstones of tradition, the client and quality.


Our History

Following the establishment of Presscraft Components Ltd in 1962, our manufacturing business has cemented itself into the foundations of the classic car aftermarket throughout Europe and the USA; specifically, with the production of quality aftermarket parts and components.

Our traditional, precise and efficient methods of manufacture have been fine-tuned over several decades and are now implemented by a highly skilled, tight-knit team, many of whom have been with the business for over 30 years.

Made To Order

The parts that we produce are extremely difficult to obtain from original manufacturers; therefore, our components are typically manufactured on a made-to-order basis and supplied to our clients exclusively.

These parts are, and have always been, produced from our base in the heart of the industrial district of Birmingham and are modelled off of real-life samples. We carry stocks of over 70 product lines, enabling us to offer shorter lead times to our clients.

Product Range

Our product range includes general assemblies, lamps and trims for an array of classic cars, notably including the Jaguar XK, MkII and E’Type; classic Mini’s; lotus and MGB.

As a result of our highly customer-focused approach, our team hold strong relationships with our clients, many of whom are British Motor Heritage Approved distributors. This has contributed significantly to our establishment as a market leader and has enabled us to develop a long-standing and loyal customer base.

The friendly nature of our relations with clients has developed to the extent that our clients now frequently visit our shopfloor simply just to chat about our shared passion and enthusiasm for classic cars.