Our family-oriented business shares a passion and enthusiasm for classical cars with all our clientele; therefore, we strive to deliver products of the highest quality to enable people to enact on their classical car dreams.

Our FT27 lamp is made to the highest quality. As you can see, the chrome plating finish is second to none on all brass parts, including the nut. The lamp is entirely made in the UK using traditional methods, with most parts made in house. The reflectors are silvered in Hockley, Birmingham in the heart of the Jewellery quarter and the back shell is spun from brass, using original manufacturing techniques.

Quality Aftermarket Car Parts

We DO make them like they used too.

The Presscraft Components team pride themselves on their ability to produce quality aftermarket car parts, accurately representative of the parts produced by the original manufacturer.

In line with tradition, all of the parts we produce are manufactured from real-life samples. This is how car parts were originally manufactured; therefore, we continue to produce them in that manner. We believe that this enables us to produce the most authentic and accurate parts possible. Sometimes the old way, truly is the best way.

Superior Production Process

The superior quality of our production process is achieved using highly effective and traditional methods that have been combined with modern and precise technologies. Moreover, our immensely skilled operators, some of whom have worked on the shopfloor for over thirty years, ensure that these methods of manufacture are implemented to the utmost accuracy and quality.

As testament to the excellence of our manufacture, you are extremely likely to find several of our products operating within classical vehicles at classic car exhibitions throughout Europe and the USA.

Chrome plated steel bezel

Fault Fixing

We provide a highly accommodating approach to our customers. On the limited occasion that a client may discover a fault within their product, a member of our team will happily evaluate the part in question to discover the root cause of the fault and how it can be remedied.

This process will be carried out at any time, irrespective of when the part was initially purchased. Providing that a manufacturing complication has occurred, the part will be fixed.